Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse DURING Mercury Retrograde?! What Does This Mean For My Emotions?

We're glad you asked. We know "Blood Moon" sounds ominous, and eclipses can basically give us full moon feels, but on steroids...but lets not jump right into our feelings about this.

Let's break down what this means...

Eclipse means "obscure", so when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth--we have a Solar Eclipse, and similarly when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, we have Lunar Eclipse. We have already had two solar eclipses this month, so this will be the 3rd eclipse in a 29 day period. The "Blood Moon" gets it's name from the reddish color it takes on by the shadow cast upon it during a total lunar eclipse.

The Earth's atmospheric conditions...meaning the dust, humidity and temperature decide what shade is cast on the moon. Longer wavelengths of sunlight create yellow, orange and red hues that are refracted, or bent around the circumference of our planet and reach the moon's surface while under Earth's shadow. Hence the blood red hue that can be seen during this time.

This lunar eclipse will also last longer than usual, according to; "we will have a relatively small full moon, moving more slowly than usual, passing almost straight through the middle of a larger-than-normal shadow of Earth. This will result in an inordinately long eclipse whose total phase will last 1 hour and 43 minutes, just 4 minutes shy of the longest possible totality." 

This will be the longest lunar eclipse this century, and we are not set to see another this long until 2023!


So how is this all going to affect us? This notable lunar event is happening just a day after mercury goes retrograde. Read our breakdown on retrograde if the R word still sends shivers down your spine, it's going to be okay, we promise. Mercury joins five other planets at the retrograde party today. Most of these planets carry masculine energy, and having them all going retrograde at once requires us to reflect, review, and clear energy in that realm. Especially with the juxtaposition of Mars (the planet of masculine energy and assertion) being at the same position as the blood moon during the eclipse--this is going to really double down on reflection of destructive and aggressive behaviors. Obviously this is all very relevant to what is going on in our society right now *cue the "Down with the Patriarchy!" chants. 

Basically, let your Feminist flag fly right now! #Resist #FutureisFemale #metoo #womenempoweringwomen, we need to see all the hashtags and all the lady love right now. 

Have no fear, the universe is in harmony when masculine and feminine energy are balanced. So let this blood moon, lunar eclipse, and five planet retrograde magnetize your energy back toward the divine feminine! Embrace fully your femininity and don't back down to all this masculine energy swirling around--don't be afraid to speak up, stand up for yourself, stand in your truth, be confident and proud of yourself as a strong beautiful woman. Focus on self care in ways that connect you to your divine feminine energy. Additionally this full moon will be in Aquarius, which means we should channel that flowy Aquarian energy inward and allow it to bring you inner peace. At the same time, Aquarius is known for their humanitarian and revolutionary tendencies--perfect time to channel that energy as well! Think back to late January, what seeds were you planting? Where did you set your sights? Bring those things to fruition now in the summer--bonus points if you can do that in a way that enriches your own life and the lives of your fellow ladies!

Some ideas we love:

-Host a girls night in blood moon circle: go around the circle and share with your girls whats been on your mind, what you're concerned about lately, your fears and desires...and focus on really being present and listening to and honoring each other.

-Take a Moon Bath and gift one to a friend who needs some relaxation!: The Epsom salts and milk will be detoxifying and cleansing for your body. Throw in some florals, and a few drops of essential oils--we love rose, vetiver, lavender and clary sage. Set out some rose quartz and candles, put on your favorite female singer (ours is Beyonce....obviously...) and relax!

-Get involved in a cause that champions women! This could mean volunteering for a female candidates campaign, raising money for planned parenthood or any important resource for women, seeking justice for women who have been victims of sexual assault, racism, or sexism, etc.

Whatever you decide to do during this moon, know that you have the power to make a difference and you are in control of your energy. So bring positive vibes everywhere you go, and lift your sisters up! 

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