Full Moon in Capricorn

If you’re in touch with your intuition, you’re probably already feeling the effects of this moon. Not to mention, our good friend Mars has gone retrograde. And I know the R word sends shivers down our spines...but hold up, it doesn’t have to be a time for anxiety. Read our last blog post to learn all about retrograde and how you can use that energy to your benefit.

Full moon in Capricorn is going to be all about slowing your roll--this Summer weather may have us settling into a mood and getting comfortable in leisure activities...we all know the heat can bring fatigue, and many of us retreat with getaways and cold drinks. Capricorn moon is here to remind us not to get too comfortable and to keep working towards our goals.

The energy will be THICK during the full moon (June 27th/28th), we are talking your thighs after seconds, thirds and even fourths of your favorite Mac and cheese, THICCC. Don’t let it distract you. Capricorn is represented by the spirit animal of the goat, and right now you need to keep your eye on the prize and channel that, be the GOAT.

Remind yourself that the universe has set you on this path and you have everything you need within you to bring your purpose to fruition, but it is work, and whether you’re doing a lot or a little today to bring you closer to that goal, do something!

Let this full moon show you areas of your life you may be getting too comfortable in and remember that in order to grow you’ve got to keep learning and stretching and making that effort. It’s part of the process, so keep pressing on, getting closer to that mountain peak like the GOAT.

Tonight for the full moon take a moment to recenter yourself and reaffirm why you’re working towards your goals. Write down three things you want to be more mindful in working on this summer. Think on the traits and qualities you'd like to cultivate to get there.

Make a tea by combining hot water and some herbs and fresh fruits that promote the qualities you'd like to focus on.

I'm using mint, lavender, lemon, and a vanilla orchid green tea blend. I will let this steep overnight under the Full strawberry moon and in the morning I will drink it with a splash of matcha almond milk and some fresh strawberries!

When you drink your tea repeat to yourself:

I am focused and clear.

I have all the time and energy I need to succeed.

The universe will not give me anything I am not capable of handling.

My path is before me and I just need to keep following it.

I like to also tell myself the age old proverb “you have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé” because that is motivating af to me, but do you!

Happy full moon!

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