Full Moon in Pisces


There is A LOT going on in the cosmos tonight, between the Full Moon in Pisces, Grand Earth Trine, Venus square Pluto and Mars Direct, plus those 6 retrograde planets...tonight can be very healing if you use this energy properly.

Let's break down what this means a little. When you think of a full moon in Pisces, I know you're going to assume this water sign is going to put you 1000% in your feelings, and your emotions are going to be all over the place, and you'll be crying excessively. Okay, 1) I resent that (Proud Pisces over here)....and 2) I encourage you to look deeper. Yes, while the moon in water signs like Pisces can put us in touch with our emotions and our feminine energy...this Full moon in Pisces also comes during what's called a Grand Earth Trine, meaning 3 key planets are in Earth signs. We have structured Saturn in action oriented Capricorn, unpredictable Uranus in hardworking Taurus, and most importantly for this sun/moon match up--and the conscious Sun in organized & confident Virgo.

Especially after the purging and clearing nature of the eclipse season we just came out of, a Grand Earth Trine is a beautifully transformational event that grounds us and allows for a new sturdy foundation for us to build upon.

This Grand Earth Trine, and especially Sun in Virgo will be pivotal in helping dreamy Pisces find balance and maintain order in moving forward. The Full Moon in Pisces will essentially be the culmination of this healing journey we've been on throughout the beginning half of this year. Now is the time to use that watery pisces energy to wash away and cleanse you of the heaviness of all of that deep introspective work we did during eclipse season. 

Now is the time to start anew. Be honest with yourself about your self discoveries over the last few months, and use the lessons you learned to start manifesting the growth you want to see in your future. 

Pisces tends to be idealistic however, so when dreaming up all the possibilities of where you'd like to see yourself---I'd encourage you to channel the earthy grand trine to bring you down to earth and get you really grounded in reality. How can you realistically set your intentions to reach those goals? Nows the time to let Sun in virgo shine--get organized and set a plan, and let your confidence in yourself guide your way!

Manifestation will be especially powerful during this Pisces full moon in the areas of work, health, and fitness. So ask yourself what you'd like to achieve physically. This could be related to appearance, health, or both. Channel Pisces here to be gentle with yourself, we are looking for slow and steady progress--not drastic change. What can you begin to incorporate into your daily routine to encourage lifestyle changes that will add up in the long run? What small changes can you make in your wardrobe and appearance that will give you the confidence to tackle other arenas of your life? These are the things I want you to contemplate tonight under that beautiful Full Moon.

Also check out the listing for the Full Moon in Pisces Box for a little Full Moon ritual you can do at home!

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