Full Moon In Taurus

I've been a little behind and overwhelmed, so I've haven't updated the site or blog in a little while. I am trying to get through this busy time of year, juggle several jobs and begin to try to shift my focus back to Craftycake and creating things I'm passionate about. I have a lot of exciting new ideas swirling around my head, and I can't wait to start to develop them and bring them into fruition so I can share them with you all!
I just wanted to check in about this Full Moon in Taurus really quick. Yes I know it was last night, but the moon is still mostly full and there is a lot of important transits right now that I want to talk about for a minute. The full moon is in the sign Taurus--full moons are always about bringing things into fruition---reaping what we sow, and adjusting our sails to align ourselves with what we need to do to move forward into the next stage. Taurus is the sign of the material, of security and wealth and resources. So this is a time to ask ourselves--what makes me feel secure (think the arenas love and money--related to Venus, Taurus' ruling planet)? What patterns are moving me toward that feeling of security I need? What patterns are keeping me from that security?
Right now Venus is retrograde in Scorpio. This can mean a few things for the energy of this transit. First, Scorpio is intensity, death and rebirth, transformation--there are some major patterns we need to assess here in relation to love and money and in order to release these things we really need to dedicate ourselves to that next step.
The motto right now is if its not making me money or making me happy---I don't need it. In relationships--specifically romantic relationships--if it is not making you happy now is the time to ask, WHY?
What makes us feel nervous or insecure?
What patterns are we falling into?
What keeps coming up and never getting resolved?
What is at the core of what you want to communicate?
What would help you feel more secure?
Are you both willing to take accountability and work on your shadow?
Is your partner supportive of your goals and passion?
Are you supportive of theirs?
If you are not in a romantic relationship this may be encouragement to channel the qualities you want to attract--release dating patterns that are not serving you or making you feel good. Be the partner you want to attract. Work on yourself in the ways you hope your future partner is doing their work. Let this full moon illuminate what is important to you in relation to security and the areas that you still have work to do on.
Security in relation to resources and money need to be examined as well. Use this Taurus full moon to look at your relationship with money. If you currently find yourself more focused on your finances--ask yourself:
What am I really searching for...is this for security and peace of mind?
Is this for validation?
Is this to attain wealth and abundance?
What is important to me about money?
At what financial level would I actually feel satisfied?
Are there any current habits I have that are holding me back from my goals?
What reoccurring patterns do I have with money?
Where am I today with money in comparison to where I was 5 years ago?
Where would I like to be 5 years from now?
Overall it is important to assess where you're currently spending your energy, in your work and in your relationships. Is that where your energy is best served? Is that energy in alignment with what you're trying to communicate and manifest in your life? Is that energy being channeled into the things that are moving you toward security and comfort? If so, this is affirmation that even when its hard, you're doing this for a GOOD reason. The best reason. If not, this is your cue to adjust accordingly--even if that process seems scary and uncomfortable and difficult. That is the nature of Venus retrograde in Scorpio--embrace it and channel that headstrong earth energy of Taurus to ground yourself and move forward with complete clarity and focus. No matter what you do during this Taurus full moon, and this Scorpio season...practice self love and self care, be honest and accountable but be patient with yourself.
I made a Hunter Moon playlist for this season--
spooky sexy vibes for your October/November!

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