Let's talk about the dreaded R word of astrology. Retrograde is a term that most of us equate with a period of time where nothing seems to go quite right, where the struggle is the realest.

We have a gang of planets going retrograde at the same time right now so it's the perfect time to talk about what this means. I'm sure you've heard “mercury is in retrograde” as a cute excuse for literally anything. When nothing's going right, and the universe seems to have absolutely zero chill, you're sure to hear about retrograde. However, the planets are not IN retrograde, rather they go retrograde, commonly believed to mean they move in backward motion. In all actuality, the planets really do not change their path at all, they only appear to us on earth to be moving in reverse. Technically, this is an optical illusion caused by the motion of the earth in relation to these outer planets orbiting around the sun. Similar to when you're driving and you pull past a slower moving car, even though it's obviously moving in the same direction as you, for a second it appears to be moving backward.

So how does this affect us? Think of it as a moment of suspension. Retrograde encourages us to pause, zoom out, and examine our perspective. Astrologers say that retrograde is the universe's way of pulling and guiding us to reflection instead of forward motion. It's a time that brings to light any truths that need to be faced head on in order to move forward. It can also illuminate challenges and obstacles that we may be struggling with, which is why it's infamous for being the actual worst.

BUT, doesn't have to be if you use this time wisely. It's actually good, a blessing in disguise--embrace it, use it as a tool!

Retrograde is a great time to make amends, deep clean and declutter your life, have that conversation you've been avoiding, that thing on your to do list that's been holding you back? Check it off! It's graduation szn, we're trying to move forward, and the less baggage we have, the easier that will be!

Another important factor to consider when mapping out your retrogame plan is that retrograde will effect everyone differently based on your astrological natal chart. We all have the planets in different positions and ruled by different houses--and in turn these “houses” rule over different aspects of our lives. For example, my birth chart shows Mars in the V (5th) house which relates to romance, play, creativity, and self expression. So during a Mars retrograde it’s likely that I will find my challenges relating to these areas. Mars just joined the whole retrogang including Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune--and real soon here on July 26th,  our good sis Mercury will join the squad.

I know it may seem daunting to have six planets going retrograde at once, but all this means is that you’re going to be identifying and removing some major roadblocks in many aspects of your life. Basically we are cleaning house! Head over to AstroTheme to look up your birth chart and reference this chart from AstroStyle to find out how you can harness all this retrograde energy to dodge the retroshade!


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