Glam Witch Box
Glam Witch Box
Glam Witch Box
Glam Witch Box
Glam Witch Box
Glam Witch Box
Glam Witch Box

Glam Witch Box

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Leo Season is upon us and what could be a more fitting choice for our Leo witches than...THE GLAM WITCH! 

The Glam Witch box explores the balance between spicy and fun and soft and sensual that our Leo Witches really embody! The combination of cinnamon and rose sparks a sweet and spicy vibe that will help you harness that Leo season energy whether or not you have any Leo placements. Rose gives us protection and opens our heart, while cinnamon inspires and empowers us to embrace that fierce and confident lioness within! 

Glam Witch Box includes:

Áine's Elixir Cinnamon Rose Rooibos Chai
Áine is the Celtic Goddess of Summer, love, wealth and sovereignty, which is what Leo Season is all about! This tea was custom blended to support vitality, confidence, creativity, and independence to attract everything you desire. In tea magick, rooibos' element is fire and it's season is Summer, it helps energize us and boost vitality without caffeine. Paired with the spicy aromatics of cinnamon, clove, green cardamom and the subtle floral balance of rose, this tea is wonderfully indulgent and deliciously inspiring.

Hot Witch Summer Body Scrub
Pink Himalayan salt pairs with rose (beauty, love, protection) and cinnamon (attraction, abundance, luck) as well as coconut oil for smooth, silky soft, sexy skin you'll want to show off this Leo season!

Hot Lips Lip Scrub
This sugar scrub is sweet and spicy and will exfoliate, plump,
and hydrate your lips. Pucker up Sun goddess!

Cinnamon Rose Spell Candles
Red- Confidence, willpower, determination, attraction.
Pink- Self-love, warmth, affection, friendship, happiness.
Rub with oil as you set your intention, carve a sigil.
Light in a safe container and let it burn all the way out. Do not leave unattended.



*All items contain cinnamon, do not use if allergic to cinnamon*

Aine's Elixir Tea: Organic Rooibos, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, anise.

Hot Witch Summer Scrub & Soak: Himalayan pink salt, rose petals, fractionated coconut oil, and rose and cinnamon essential oils.

Hot Lips Lip Scrub: Sugar, Cinnamon, Fractionated Coconut oil, rose essential oil.