Crystal Elixir Zodiac Essential Oil Rollers

Crystal Elixir Zodiac Essential Oil Rollers

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Craftycake Zodiac Essential Oil Rollers are formulated with essential oils and crystals or gemstones that compliment the personalities of the zodiac signs. Each is made to balance out the traits of each sign and bring a sense of inner peace and self alignment.

Capricorn- Practical. Ambitious. Determined. Obsidian infused eucalyptus and peppermint help to relax you from the stress of chasing your dreams tirelessly, as you tend to do. We wouldn’t want you to burn out before you take over the world!

Aquarius- Individualistic. Intellectual. Innovative. Garnet infused lemon and sweet orange oil help to boost your mood and keep you looking at the positives, because let’s face it, your future is bright!

Pisces- Intuitive. Creative. Compassionate. Amethyst infused lavender and bergamot ground your dreamy nature and bring emotional balance so you can focus on nurturing your creativity!

Aries- Confident. Assertive. Courageous. Bloodstone infused rosemary and peppermint help to calm your fire and bring down stress levels so you can respond with clarity instead of impulse!

Taurus- Loyal. Artistic. Reliable. Though you are known as the most headstrong of the zodiac Jade infused Ylang Ylang and bergamot oil enhance our favorite of your traits, your sensual loving side!

Gemini- Witty. Communicative. Versatile. Blue lace agate infused basil sharpens your mental focus to keep up with your wit, and lemon uplifts and regulates your mood so you can shine like you’re meant to!

Cancer- Adaptable. Sensitive. Unpredictable. Moonstone infused lavender and chamomile calm your anxieties and help balance your mood so you can focus on what’s most important to you, your family!

Leo- Powerful. Magnetic. Confident. Citrine infused sweet orange and cinnamon keep you vibrant so you can glow at the center of attention, just where you like to be, while also embracing the power of collaboration!

Virgo- Responsible. Practical. Humble. Carnelian infused frankincense helps to soothe and relax the perfectionist inside you, and lemon keeps your focus on the bigger picture! Beyonce is a Virgo and you know what she did with lemons...

Libra- Charismatic. Peaceful. Diplomatic. Peridot infused cardamom and peppermint help you remain objective and fair while maintaining your patience. It’s hard to always be the peacemaker but you’ve got this!

Scorpio- Perceptive. Intense. Sensual. Rose quartz infused rose and vetiver ground you and appeal to your soft sensual nature under all that passion and intensity. A balanced Scorpio is a force like none other!

Sagittarius- Independent. Communicative. Adventurous. Turquoise infused atlas cedarwood and rosemary keep your spirit free, and help you not get overwhelmed everything you undoubtedly have on your plate!

Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oil, pure essential oils, gemstones.

Photos by the talented @jalisamariephotography