Rosemary Grounding Wands

Rosemary Grounding Wands

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Rosemary smoke cleansing wands with flowering rosemary and bright summer colored roses. Rosemary aids with grounding and balancing energy, while rose is for protection. This combination helps us to recenter ourselves and protect our energy in our home, especially in a time where a lot of us are home a lot and need to keep our space sacred and cleared of any stale energy.

Rosemary is a wonderful alternative to sage, and even has roots of being used for smoke cleansing purification in hospitals in France, due to its anti-microbial nature. 

***By no means am I saying use smoke cleansing as your only defense against the spread of contagious diseases....please dear god wash your hands and wear a mask out here in these streets. 

Please note: Wands are 4-5" and vary slightly due to their handmade nature. Also, these photos are taken when bundles are fresh, they will be sent dried and ready to burn, so the rose petals will look dried and may slightly change color.