Shades of Cool Smudge Bundles
Shades of Cool Smudge Bundles

Shades of Cool Smudge Bundles

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Craftcake botanical + floral smudge bundles are made with love in Los Angeles, CA.

They consist of California white sage, a single rosebud and a charged aura quartz crystal.

Summer bundles will be Shades Of Cool--all bundled in various shades of blue organic hemp cord, for cooling and relaxing us during these high summer temps. Inspired by beach days with friends, having picnics, listening to music, and smudging all our worries away.

Stemming from Native American ritual, smudging is used in spiritual practice to cleanse, purify and sanctify the energy of a space or the aura of a person. Though the origins of this practice are spiritual, there is also science to support the benefits. The smoke actually turns harmful positive ions in the air back into negative ones--which serves to clear tense or stagnant energy that can cause stress and fatigue.

Burn and let the smoke waft through your space like incense, balancing the energy of your home or work space.
Use in your full moon rituals and during meditation for cleansing and clearing stale energy.
All smudge bundles come with a moon ritual for the new + full moon.

Craftycake botanical + floral smudge bundles are crafted with locally harvested white California sage using traditional Native American rituals, as well as organic florals and gorgeous gems bundled beautifully so they make great gifts for any crystal queen or sage mama in your life!


Smudge bundles are medium sized, about 6-8 inches.

***NOTE: Bundles are all wild harvested and one of a kind, so please note that they  may vary in shape/arrangement, color (florals, crystals, hemp cord)--if you have a specific color or type you'd like please request a custom order by messaging us! Thank you!

Live that #smudgelife and get your energy right and your life all the way in alignment! Tag @craftycake on IG with #smudgelife so we can see how you smudge and work your magic with craftycake smudge bundles!