Black Womxn Matter Box
Black Womxn Matter Box
Black Womxn Matter Box
Black Womxn Matter Box

Black Womxn Matter Box

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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgent. It’s is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare” -Audre Lorde

Black Womxn Matter. And “matter” is the minimum. Black womxn deserve love, protection, and rest. Black womxn deserve time for self-care.

These gift sets were made with the intention of being sent to a Black womxn in your life that needs a little reminder that she is everything, she is pure magic, and she deserves to love on herself and be loved on. 

**100% of proceeds from these gift sets will go to The Loveland Foundation that is providing free therapy sessions to Black women and girls.***

Gift Boxes include:

-Sage Bouquet (From Summer line: Lemonade, Clementine, Lavender Rose and Sunflower)

-Iconic Tarot Prayer Candle (Beyonce as Queen of Pentacles, Cardi B as 9 of Pentacles, and Lizzo as The Empress) 

-Mini Journal featuring above Audre Lorde Quote 

-Rose Quartz for unconditional self love and opening the heart chakra, and Lepidolite for deep emotional healing and activating the throat and third eye chakras.

-Stick of Palo Santo for energy cleansing and protection



**1 Gift box is available that features all 4 new summer smudge bouquets (Lavender Rose, Sunflower, Clementine, and Lemonade)