Cup of Ease
Cup of Ease

Cup of Ease

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Cup of Ease

Floral chamomile blend 

TASTING NOTES: Soothing, citrus, sweet-fruit flavor, lavender-rose aromatics

Cup of ease is a soothing floral tea magick blend that was inspired by this soul-nurturing chamomile latte I used to treat myself to at a little local coffee shop when I needed a little self-care day. It's a great blend for moments when you need to be gentle with yourself, give yourself some time and space to slow down and check in. 

Every Tea Magick blend comes with a ritual and incantation you can do to add some magick to your tea time.

Lemon Verbena- Purification, attraction
Lemon Peel- Cleansing, spiritual opening
Chamomile- Healing, stress relief, soothing
Rooibos- Vitality, immunity
Peppermint- Luck, money
Rose Petal- Protection, love, peace
Lavender- Healing, peace, stress relief
Lemongrass- Cleansing, removing obstacles 
Blueberry- Vitality, protection
Apple- Love, nurturing


INGREDIENTS:  Organic Lemon verbena, lemon peel, chamomile, rooibos, peppermint, rose petal, lavender, lemongrass, blueberry, apple, natural rose flavor

Makes about 26-28 cups of tea.