Energy Clearing Spray
Energy Clearing Spray

Energy Clearing Spray

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This year we can all use an energetic reset. This energy clearing spray was made to clear out any stagnant energies and refresh and uplift. It's made of crystal, herbal, and floral infused moon water and can be sprayed around your space or your body for energy clearing and to uplift and promote inspiration and attract abundance.

Made with rose for protection, tricolor garden sage for clearing, cedar chips for easing anxiety, lemongrass for uplifting, cinnamon stick, tulsi (holy basil), and citrine for abundance, and carnelian for courage, creativity and motivation.


2 oz bottles 

Ingredients: distilled water infused with rose petals, garden sage, cinnamon stick, and cedar, essential oils: tulsi, lemongrass, green tea infused epsom salts*, grapefruit seed extract*, witch hazel*

* Indicates natural preservatives that aid in keeping spray from spoiling or going stale. 

TIP: To keep it fresh for longer and add a cool refreshing element--keep in refrigerator.