Iconic Tarot 7 Day Candles
Iconic Tarot 7 Day Candles

Iconic Tarot 7 Day Candles

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Iconic Tarot 7 Day Candles are illustrated with love by Craftycake to honor icons that embody the traits of the tarot cards. They were chosen based on energies of the tarot, astrology, elements, and color/candle magick to help you set an intention and call in energy to support that.

Queen of Swords- AOC. Element of Air. Libra Queen. White for clarity. Helps to call in mental clarity, assertiveness, balance, and clear communication. Use for conflict resolution, business negotiations, and political endeavors.

Queen of Wands- EW/Hermione. Element of Fire. Aries Queen. Gold/Yellow for Power. Helps to call in courage, expansion, and joy. Use to boost confidence, vitality, drive and happiness.

Queen of Pentacles- Beyoncé. Element of Earth. Virgo Queen. Black for grounding. Helps to call in composure, humility, acceptance, and patience. Use for grounding and surrender to the idea that the universe is working in alignment with the highest good of all involved. 

Queen of Cups- Lana Del Rey- Element of Water. Cancer Queen. Blue for Calming. Helps to call in comfort, creativity, and empathy. Use to connect to intuition and release emotional struggles.

9 of Pentacles- Cardi B. Green for Shmoney! Use to call in abundance and wealth. Use when you need a financial boost or want to focus on growing your personal and/or professional wealth.

The Empress - Lizzo - Red for Passion and SELF LOVE! Use to call in unconditional love for self. Helps to increase confidence, pride, and genuine self love. Use as part of your self care ritual or when you need a little boost to feel like you are 100% THAT B.