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Moon Box

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This month's Moon Box will be for the August 26th Full Moon in Pisces!

This full moon is known to Native Americans as the Sturgeon Moon, The Blueberry Moon or The Moon When All Things Ripen!
Since this full moon is in Pisces, the fish, the sturgeon moon seems to be quite fitting! This moon is urging us to channel this fluid water sign and go with the flow. We have been releasing a lot lately, with a multi-planet retrograde and several eclipses...there has been a lot of very heavy energy swirling around and forcing us to face some hard truths. You may even feel that you've been swimming up stream, it's been rough. Nows the time for acceptance, allow yourself to literally go with the flow--as if you were swept up by the current of the river---and rocked back and forth through the harsh rapids....and now we've come to a clearing, the river has calmed...embrace the serenity that is knowing clearly what you have been through, the work you've done and fully embracing the rewards on the other side. You have earned this! It's now time for some much needed self care!

Be the fish! Your Moon Bath is a milk bath rich in Epsom salts, great for detoxifying and relieving aches and pains--let it soothe your body and mind as you soak in the lavender and blue swirling hues and contemplate all thats brought you to this moment.
Blue calcite is perfect for a Piscean bath-- it eases anxieties, clears negative emotions, and enhances intuition. This stones soft ocean blue tint is a beautiful addition to your bath side as you relax! Even add it to your bath water to really soak in this beautiful stones healing energy.
Burn your sage bundle with its beautiful soft lavender rose for energy protection and clearing. Smudge your aura before your bath, and wash away all tension and pent up energy. Then smudge your space to prepare for your full moon ritual and tea ceremony.
Put on your mood ring to channel us moody water signs and give you a read on your temperature after a relaxing bath. Then make yourself a cup of this wonderful Pukka tea (with Manuka honey, chamomile and vanilla) **I added blueberry lavender almond milk to mine...and it was diiiivine** and follow the included Moon Ritual exercise.

Box will include:
-Moon Bath - Lavender infused milk bath with iridescent lavender and blue swirled hues.
-Smudge bundle with lavender rose and Mother Nature inspired twine.
-Guided Moon Ritual exercise for full moon bath ritual and tea.
-Blue Calcite stone
-Mood ring

Must be ordered by 8/17 for shipping before the full moon on the 26th!