Peach Blossom Spring Tea
Peach Blossom Spring Tea

Peach Blossom Spring Tea

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Peach Blossom Spring

Floral black tea with peach

TASTING NOTES: Sweet, stone fruit, fragrant floral bouquet, creamy finish

Peach Blossom Spring brings the perfect transition from spring blossoms to juicy summer peaches. When we come out of the winter and we start to see the fragrant blossoms of the fruit trees, the flowers, new life everywhere--there is hope in that time. There is promise for better days ahead. This makes the perfect summer tea for a solar infusion, the sweet, crisp and refreshing floral peach notes make for an incredible iced tea. And dare we say, a summer tea cocktail?

Each Tea Magick Blend comes with a ritual incantation you can do as you brew and sip your tea to add a little magick to your tea time.

Ingredients: Black Tea, peach flavors, flower petals