Smoke Cleansing Wands
Smoke Cleansing Wands
Smoke Cleansing Wands
Smoke Cleansing Wands
Smoke Cleansing Wands

Smoke Cleansing Wands

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✨🌲🍊Prosperity Wands 🌲🍊✨

🌲Pine- Purification, Protection
🌲Cedar- Energy Clearing, Strength
🍊 Blood Orange- Easing Anxiety & Grief
🔥 Cinnamon- Attract Abundance

The smoke transports you to the magical forests of Northern California, the scent of evergreen trees is deeply grounding, and the blood orange and cinnamon come together in a sweet and spicy duet to attract abundance and prosperity.

These are a great culturally sensitive alternative to white sage for smoke cleansing, and the smoke is much more subtle for those who are sensitive to smoke.


How to smoke cleanse your space:

-Clean, organize, and tidy your space so it feels clear and free of clutter.

-Open the windows and let the fresh air flow

-Light your smoke wand enough to keep it burning for at least a few minutes

-Wave the wand in a circular motion and fan the smoke around as you move through your space, hit every room and every corner to clear and refresh the energy in the space. You can also cleanse your body, your altar, tools such as your tarot decks and crystals, etc. Use before meditation, energy healing, shadow work, rituals, spell work, and anytime you move into a new space or have guests in your home.




*Craftycake does not use any white sage or palo santo. All herbs used have roots in my own Scottish and French culture and/or Northern California upbringing, are sourced from sustainable resources, and are offered here in my shop with the intention of sharing my own personal practice which is ever-evolving.

This is a great article about on the difference between smudging and smoke cleansing, and how to keep your practice rooted in your own heritage, using sustainable sources, and not appropriating indigenous culture.